Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wide-Eyed and Slack-Jawed

Turns out finding a rental property in this area is pretty difficult.  There are just not a lot of properties available for families. Especially 3-4 bedrooms.  There were only 3 homes for us to look at that were 3 bedroom and available when we needed.  No four bedrooms at all.  Only one of those homes gave us something to work with. We wanted to downsize from our property on the farm.....boy did we ever.  We are going from 2300 sq ft. to 1300.  Most of our furniture will not fit in the very odd shaped and small rooms in this house.

  We'll get to the other rooms in the home later.  First up for your viewing pleasure: 

The loft.

What the??

  Yeah.  Looks weird, doesn't it?  I wish I would have gotten a close up.  This is a wall covered in acrylic paint.  Dabs and gobs and smears and splatters.  The anguished artist who created this masterpiece then went over the paint and spaces between the glops and wrote things like: truth, light, direction, burning man, life, peace...and a lot of other things just too painful to repeat. 


Okay, to be fair, my husband pointed out that this could be the work of someone in pain, a great expressional piece of art or the sentimental work of a child.  To which I again say,


And thanks so much for all the scraping and painting that lies ahead of me. 
I have great plans for this room.  This will be our school room and my art studio.  Eventually.  I love the great big windows and the space in this room. The windows allow a beautiful view of the mountain behind the house. The room sits above the garage and is far enough away from the main hub of the house that it is blissfully quiet. It is probably the biggest room in the house, which is good because I'll spend 90% of my time at home here. 
This is the side wall of the loft next to the freak painting.  There was more gloops and glops of paint under the screens and wood which actually was a nice surprise because I really thought it was animal droppings at first.  Suddenly, the paint did not seem so bad.
The opposite wall.  I forgot to take a pic before we started working but you get the idea.  The wall is that really cheap chipboard.  Lots of fun to paint.  This room will need multiple coats of thick paint. I do like the built in shelving.  This side of the room will be my studio. 
My wonderful, sweet and incredibly talented husband is going to finish the walls for me.  He knows how much time I spend in the schoolroom banging my head on the table teaching our wonderful children and he wants me to be happy. Naturally, he wants this room to be bright and pretty and comfy.  So he can come home to a happy wife who doesn't want to stick her head in the oven.
This room is going to take a lot of work.  A lot of cleaning.  And scraping.  And painting.  And possibly, wine.  Possibly?  Who am I kidding.  I have a case on the shelf already.

Stay tuned.....


  1. Ha! Freak, indeed. It has tons of potential. Can't wait for you to unleash your talents in there. Decor wise. Head banging wise, well, I'm sure you'll do great but I'm not looking forward to it quite so much.

  2. He's probably not going to put an oven or a wood stove in there, is he?

    *sigh* This is usually the point in the game where I remind myself that an adventure is only an adventure once you're pretty sure it won't be the death of you. Since you two absolutely rock the projects, I think it's safe to raise our glasses (I'm on my third, already) to quite the adventure, eh?